Improving hospital operations is what we do.

Consulting services to analyze, simulate, and optimize internal logistics

We help hospitals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal logistics and material delivery by studying and measuring the existing process which leads to conrete recommendations for change.

Our consulting services provide the following benefits:

Measures the existing delivery and logistics process to baseline your operational efficiency against key indicators.
Provides qualitative and quantitative data  through interviews with various departmental representatives that help identify opportunities.
Establishes a written improvement plan that includes recommendations to workflow reengineering, staff allocation and technology utilization.
Uses computer simulation to iterate and perform what-if analysis on the recommended changes prior to implementation to anticipate impacts and ensure operational efficincy gains.

In the end, the ability to simulate and actually perform "what-if" planning was incredibly important for buy-in.

Experience that is 20 million deliveries strong

Aethon has been automating hospital logistics since 2004

Assessment Service

Follow Up Service

Implementation Service

Evaluate departmental logistics processes and make recommendations for process improvement.

Implement equipment as well as assist in the workflow redesign implementation with staff.

Improving logistics is what we do.

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Improving hospital operations is what we do.

Insight is on the way

Interested in how this service can help your hospital reduce costs, improve workflow and help nursing be more effective?

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I like the fact that Aethon has been involved in the logistics of just about every area of the hospital.  They were able to show us the nooks and crannies of our operation.

They made the recommendations, but also implmented the plan.  They didn't hand it off to someone else to implement.

There is a better way and we will help you find it.


And what if you are expanding your facility or building a new hospital?  The expanded facility will greatly increase demands on logistics and magnify any existing inefficiencies.  

Based on our 12 years of experience and over 20 million deliveries, this is what an average 200 bed hospital can expect to move each week:

Benefits of improving logistics and material process flows:

The magnitude of the logistics challenge is larger than you might realize.

New construction projects will magnify the existing challenges.

  • Determine process flows and physical plant capabilities including elevator use
  • Examine service levels, staff allocation and personnel suport
  • Conduct interviews with key personnel
  • Use established KPIs to baseline current performance
  • Provide recommendations for process change that improve financial performance and/or patient care.
  • Simulate process change through a real-time computer model
  • Provide written recommendations and presentation outlining improvement recommendations
  • Assembly of project team and stakeholders for implementation
  • Delivery stream smoothing by department and shift
  • Workflow redesign by department
  • Cart and vehicle selection and design
  • Pathway and delivery route mapping
  • Technology installation and testing
  • New workflow dry runs and adjustment
  • Staff training
  • Go live
  • Analysis of delivery and logistics performance by department.
  • Recommended adjustments to plan based on actual results.
  • Report providing measurement of improvements that have translated into financial and/or patient care improvements

Review the performance of the new processes to adjust and optimize.

Nursing productivity is impacted greatly by internal logistics processes.

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